Considering how much we use our smartphones, it is no wonder that there is such a huge range of accessories for them nowadays. With such a big choice, there are accessories to suit every model of phone as well as every budget, and it is true that a lot of us are fans of using accessories with our phones.

From cases which have been around even in the days before the advent of the smart phone (remember those sturdy Nokia cases?), to more sophisticated accessories like charging docks and Bluetooth headphones, some phone accessories simply have a longevity that others don’t. Here we are looking at some of the most popular phone accessories that are available to buy right now.

Selfie Sticks

Love them or hate them, it is undeniable that selfie sticks do help you to take great pictures with your smartphone, and if you haven’t already got one it could be time to hit the shops. Depending on the model they are pretty reasonably priced and will not only take great pictures of groups of people but fantastic panoramas too. The only drawbacks that we can see are that they can be a bit unwieldy and make it difficult to answer the phone!

Solar Power Banks

Ever since power banks have come out we’ve been pretty much reliant on them, their only problem being of course when they run out of juice when you’re on the go. Solar power banks don’t really suffer from this problem though since you can charge them whenever and wherever during the daytime simply by placing them on a window ledge. Impressively, it doesn’t even have to be sunny to charge them; as long as there are UV rays these banks can power up even on the cloudiest of days. Solar power banks are obviously ideal for outdoor adventures like festivals and camping when a mains supply is hard to access.

Smart Watches

Since they are so powerful in themselves it can be easy to forget that smart watches are actually a smartphone accessory, and a really handy one at that. The most iconic model is of course by Apple, but nowadays there are plenty of other brands out there on the market so you'll be able to find one that suits you. Receive texts, monitor your sleep and fitness levels, check the weather, and more with this useful wearable technology.

Car Phone Mounts

These aren’t exactly hi-tech however they are one of those accessories that have quickly become indispensable. With such strict safety laws in place there is no point risking your license and safety by checking your phone when you’re driving so a car phone mount is the ideal solution to be able to take calls risk-free. They are also super handy if you often use your phone for directions since you can mount it on the dashboard just as you would for a GPS device. Currently the most popular models tend to be ball mount ones that offer great positioning and flexibility whilst still holding the phone securely.

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