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Tech / Tech Reviews - 1 day ago

Inciting a new future

& Swati Mylavarapu and Matt Rogers are the definitive Silicon Valley power couple. Rogers, a cheerful, be-fuzzed technologist, co-founded Nest Labs. Swati, a sharp visionary, was at Square for four years before joining legendary investment firm Klein...

Tech / Tech Reviews - 1 day ago

Is Trump a Twitter addict?

& The president of the United States cannot seem to stop tweeting. Despite stern advice from his advisors and opprobrium from the world, not a day goes by that POTUS doesn’t escalate some tension in 280 characters. Each of us can relate to maki...

Tech / Tech Reviews - 1 day ago

Paris asks Airbnb to delist 1,000 apartments

& The city of Paris’ officials told the AFP that they have asked Airbnb and competing platforms to comply with new regulation. The Mayor’s Office has flagged around 1,000 apartments that are not registered with the city. Since December 1s...