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Tech / Tech Reviews - 2 months ago

Hulu names Fox’s Randy Freer as its new CEO

& Hulu’s current CEO Mike Hopkins is departing, with board member Randy Freer taking his place. Hopkins is leaving to run the TV business at Sony. Freer, meanwhile, has been serving as president and chief operating officer of Fox Networks. In t...

Tech / Tech Reviews - 2 months ago

CRISPR’d pigs could produce low-fat bacon

& We truly live in amazing times. Chinese scientists just made skinnier pigs using CRISPR-Cas9 technology. Do you know what this means? Low-fat bacon! I know, I know, for some, bacon without the fat does not sound that appealing. But for those watchi...

Tech / Tech Reviews - 2 months ago

The Google Assistant wants to play games with you

& It’s not just the kids on South Park that are fascinated with the endless possibilities of playing with personal assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Virtually every kid over three has now surely figured out how to get Alexa, Siri...