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Tech / Tech Reviews - 5 months ago

Authentication now comes with a wave of your hand

& Under the nom de guerre of Redrock Biometrics, two former Leap Motion execs are waging war on the world’s legions of identification cards, pin numbers, passwords, and voice identification technologies with a combination of off-the-shelf hardw...

Tech / Tech Reviews - 5 months ago

Call to tighten UK law over data breaches

& Consumer group Which? is unhappy with the U.K. data protection bill and has called on the government to amend the draft legislation to allow third-party organizations to seek collective redress for data breaches on behalf of consumers. Read More...

Tech / Tech Reviews - 5 months ago

Amazon Wine is shutting down

& Amazon Wine is shutting down at the end of this year, the retailer has just alerted sellers via email. The issue at hand has to do with the existing laws surrounding alcohol sales, which Amazon has unsuccessfully tried to change by working with reg...