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Last time you needed to buy flowers or needed a quick gift, did you have your laptop with you? Probably not. But, you probably did have your mobile phone.

Mobile commerce is happening right now and your company can profit by being part of it.

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You can build this store yourself using an intuitive online interface or by uploading a spreadsheet with your products and links to your images.
If you're familiar with such work, a store can be made in under an hour. If not, it may take longer but, either way, it is quick and easy compared to most ecommerce store

mobile commerce revolution

Back in 1998, many people had doubts that the internet would be a serious business tool. Bets were made on Amazon's chances of survival. That was when eCommerce was considered tech lingo. PPC, SEO and Affiliate Marketing were only novel ideas to many. Skepticism was common but innovative merchants forged ahead. A decade later, no one doubts the viability of Amazon. An Accountant from Seattle believed in eCommerce and it paid off. eCommerce is a part of our lives now.

Today, mcommerce is the new frontier for innovative merchants worldwide. Everything from booking tickets to ordering pizza become easier and more convenient using your mobile phone. Consumers have access to their phone much more than they do their computer. For many businesses, mobile commerce will be as important as ecommerce. Mobile commerce is a new and exciting sal es channel.

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